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What is the salary of a housekeeper in Madagascar?

Learn about the realities of domestic worker wages in this country and the disparities between the official minimum wage and informal earnings.

In Madagascar, domestic work is an important source of employment, providing employment opportunities for many people, especially women. However, it is important to note that salaries for maids vary greatly depending on different factors such as region, experience, skills and working conditions.

The official minimum wage set by the Malagasy government for domestic workers is 250,000 Ariary per month, which equates to around 50 euros. However, it should be pointed out that the vast majority of housekeepers in Madagascar earn an informal wage well below this amount.

Indeed, many cleaners in Madagascar are employed in the informal sector, where working conditions and wages are not regulated. It is estimated that most cleaners earn an average of around 80,000 ariary per month, the equivalent of around 16 euros. This informal income is well below the official minimum wage and is often insufficient to meet the basic needs of domestic workers and their families.

There are many reasons for this wage disparity. First, the informal sector is more prevalent in the country, with many employers preferring to avoid obligations related to minimum wages and social charges. As a result, cleaners working in the informal sector have fewer legal protections and guarantees in terms of wages and working conditions.

In addition, salary negotiations are often difficult for cleaners due to their precarious status and the high demand for these jobs. Domestic workers, especially those employed in private households, may struggle to earn a fair wage due to the informal nature of their employment.

It is important to stress that this situation raises concerns in terms of labor rights and decent living conditions for domestic workers in Madagascar. Access to a fair salary and dignified working conditions is a crucial issue in improving the quality of life of housekeepers and promoting equal opportunities.

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In conclusion, the salary of a housekeeper in Madagascar can vary considerably. While the official minimum wage is set at 250,000 Ariary per month, the reality is that the vast majority of cleaners earn an informal wage well below this standard. This disparity raises important questions about labor rights and decent living conditions for domestic workers in Madagascar. Promoting fair practices and tackling informal work is essential to ensure dignified working conditions for domestic workers.

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